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Model: LTG Mifare card hotel lock system
LTG Mifare card hotel lock system is specially designed to meet the needs of nowadays hotels. It provides maximum security, individual style and low operating costs, etc. It is one of the most successful products ever developed by us.

LTG intelligent hotel lock system consists of five parts: LTG hotel lock management software, LTG door locks, Access card registration unit, data retrieval unit and Mifare IC cards.

Maximum Security

  • All parts of the lock hardware are made of strong materials, such as stainless steel, to create impact resistant ability.
  • Stainless steel Integrative structure, solid and durable.
  • The lock stores maximum 864 latest access records, which can be retrieved anytime.
  • Auto-check functions give alert to user of abnormal operations and low battery of the lock.
  • Build in clock can be used to control access of both guests and room service maids for certain period of time.
  • Top quality encryption card, Mifare card, is adopted to perform controls and unlocking function. Three wrong decryption attempts of the card may lead to ultimate destruction of the card and thus makes counterfeiting impossible.
  • Lost of keycards can be invalidated and disabled by simple card operations on the lock.

Perfect keycard management system

  • Keycards are grouped into fourteen categories with 5 levels of clearly defined access authorities. Hotel managers can change and modify the authority of each card according to their actual needs. LTG Hotel Lock System is flexible, stable and easy to manage. Only minimum training is required for hotel staff.

Superb reliability and Low running cost

  • Hotel lock requires 4 to 6 standard AA size alkaline batteries to support its stand-alone operations. Low power consumption, high reliability and low maintenance costs help to keep your hotel’s running costs low.

Compatible software

  • Hotel lock management software is compatible with most common PMS system in the marketplace. Interfaces for expansion or integration with third parties PMS system can be offered upon requests.

Wire-less and stand-alone door lock

  • No wiring will be needed and the locks are virtually linked together through the keycard system. Installation becomes simple and easy.
Power Supply DC 6V, 4 standard AA size alkaline batteries
Static current < 12mA
Dynamic current 110mA ~ 150mA
Emergency opening In case of emergency the lock can be opened even when the deadbolt was activated
Battery life ~ 15,000 times or 1 year
Open time When presenting a valid card to open a door, the lock will be opened only once within 10 seconds by turning the handle of the lock, after that the lock will be automatically locked again. The buzzer in the lock will beep to warn the user if the door was not closed within 15 seconds after opening.
Low voltage warning When operating voltage was dropped below 4.8V, the red LED will flash and the lock can still be working and last for 10 more days normally.
Mechanical key In case of batteries ran out the mechanical structure of the lock will allow the door to be opened by a mechanical key in case of emergency.
Door Requirement Door thickness within 38mm ~ 55mm, door decoration should be apart from the edge at least 110mm.
Dependability Less than one time error per 1000 time operations.
Audit Trail Maximum storages can store 864 of the latest access records.

First Registration of the System

  • Through LTG hotel Lock management software, parameters of system are determined.
  • Information such as room numbers and zone types are written onto a Registration Card through card registration unit.
  • The Registration Card then can set the locks.


  • After check-in at the Front Desk, hotel guest is given a Door Access Card; guest can access to the designated guest room via the Door Access Card within a certain period of time; Through the Data Card Reader, responsible staff can read the access information of the locks.
  • If a guest lost his door access card, Front Desk can cancel the lost card and issue a new card to the guest. The lost card could not be used again to open the guest room.
  • If the guest wants to extend his staying, he should register the Door Access Card at the Front Desk; otherwise, the Door Access Card will be expired.

Door access cards have 14 different function cards, which are managed by 5 management levels. Moreover, the mechanical keys can override all these functions and open the locks in case of any emergency.

  • Management Level: Master Card, Management Card
  • Supervisory Level: System Card, Emergency Card
  • Area Control Level: Manager Card, Floor Card, Meeting Card, Maid Card
  • Operation Level: Inhibit Card, Clock Card, Lock-out Card, Query Card
  • Guest Level: Guest Card, Spare Card
Card Type FunctionsSuggest Holder
Management cardSets important parameters of the system and cannot be used to open doorPerson in charge of the system
Master cardOpens all locks in the hotelPerson in charge of the system
System cardInitialization of the locks or sets the program card. It cannot unlockGeneral manager
Emergency cardOpens all locks in the hotel in case of emergency and turns them to normal-openSecurity Manager
Manager cardOpens all locks of certain foreman zoneHousekeeping Manager
Floor cardOpens all locks of certain floorFloor servant
Maid cardOpens all locks of certain maid zone within a valid periodCleaner
Meeting cardOpens a door together with a floor card and turns it to normal-openDepartment Manager
Inhibit cardClears guest’s information in the lock together with a floor cardFloor servant
Clock cardSets or calibrates the clock of the locksPerson in charge of the system
Query cardRetrieves activities records in the lockSecurity Manager
Lockout cardSuspends the using of a guest roomDepartment Manager
Guest cardOpens a guest room within a valid periodGuest
Spare cardPerforms the same function as a guest cardGuest
  • Polished golden surface with golden edge
  • Cast-steel Integrative structure, solid and durable.
  • LTG Hotel lock system is compatible with most common PMS system in the marketplace. Interfaces for expansion or integration with third parties PMS system can be offered upon requests.
  • RF contactless card adopts American TI company RF card technology, which endure high temperature.
  • Comprehensive keycard management system has 14 types’ difference function cards, 5 management levels with clearly defined authorities.
  • The system guarantees its highest security level of management by recording the most recent 864 pieces of the lock’s activities and storing them in the “Black box” inside the lock.
  • The LTG encoder is used to encode, erase, encrypt and set the Mifare cards through the card management software.
  • Alarm functions: long beep alarm will warn the guest or hotel staff, when the latches of the lock are maliciously operated or the door is not closed properly.
  • Micro-CPU is located in back of the lock body; Reading-CPU is located in front of the lock body. Its modularization design gives the lock stable operation and easy maintenance.
  • Always-open can be set on to the door lock for meeting purpose.
  • Outside door handle is fixed while in locked status; it can only be turned in unlocked status.
  • Deadbolt indication: as deadbolt draw out, LED will flash in red to show someone is in the room.
  • Suitable for villa and hotel style apartment.
  • Hold CE certification and compliant with the standard of ANSI156.13
  • Strong internal structure, the latch, dead-bolt and moving parts are using stainless steel as raw material.
  • Surface Treatment: Applied Anti-rusting Coating on the mortise to avoid rusting.
  • With the solid brass deadbolt and two tungsten steel reinforcement, the mortise has strong anti-destruction structure. Anti-attrition design for the mortise lever adopts flexible and compact gearing configuration, combining with reliability and convenience
  • Dimensions: 88mm (L) X 139mm (W) X 20.5mm (T)